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Let’s play a game, shall we?  There is a finger on the shot - actually there are at least ten. The subject is against the sun, the ocean looks over exposed. Easy to simply state: this is a bad photo. But how can we work with it? Is the moment memorable? What’s the story behind the capture? Does it inspire any kind of thought?  Being critical and analytical takes practice.  Likewise, being able to see being flaw to work with what shows up to us is also a helpful skill to master. We are so wired to look at what does not work and this creates a dark veil which prevents us from seeing what can actually work. And how does this inflexible way of seeing beyond impact our creative thinking?  It is easy to meditate far away up in the mountains somewhere. But can one do that amidst the chaos of traffic and or an argument with an infuriated loved one spitting wasps?  The ability to practice patience and creativity to see solutions can only happen when we can look beyond the problem.  The same happens wit…

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